The Majestic Inn & Spa adjusts to the new normal

In just six short (but long) months, our entire world has shifted. A pandemic that has no doubt affected every single person in one way or another. We are all adjusting our day to day life to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible. Masks are the new normal and hesitation before a handshake or hug is common.

Here at The Majestic Inn, I have seen a wonderful group of leaders pull together in these unsure times. These leaders do everything they can to keep our business running efficiently, and supporting all staff, even those furloughed. It has been an honor to be a part of such a supportive and encouraging team. It always felt more like a family to me, in these times, I feel that even more now.

The Majestic was able to create a food pantry for its furloughed employees throughout their three months of being out of work. Allowing employees to take whatever they needed, produce, dry goods, meat, toiletries, etc. We also continued insurance coverage for those employees as well. We provided constant support in dealing with unemployment claims and struggles with the website. For those who were unable to get their unemployment claims processed they were offered extended loans by The Majestic.

We were able to keep the hotel open throughout everything to provide safe and sanitary accommodation for the essential workers who were traveling. We were overjoyed to finally reopen our restaurant again in the first week of June. Seeing all of our regulars coming back for the eggs benedict and wonderful danish has been a delight. I know we all missed it as well! Of course, everyone was excited to open the rooftop. Although we have had to hold off on live music this year it is still the best view in town. We are eagerly awaiting our sunny Anacortes days with live music from Mark Clawson, Gina Belliveau, and others!

We are fortunate to have a few smaller weddings to look forward to towards the tail end of summer. The weddings here are magical and something we were all looking forward to being a part of. The Majestic has generously offered a 50% discount on our event spaces through the end of 2020 to help anyone who had their wedding or event affected by COVID. A wedding is such a special day with tremendous planning, and to suddenly be forced to cancel or postpone is tragic. Our hearts go out to the brides and grooms that have been affected.

While many businesses have been severely impacted in recent months, we are confident the months ahead show promise of a return to a new form of normalcy in business and life. We are happy to welcome back all our locals for brunch and extended happy hour! We appreciate all the support and kindness in this community. Although this has been a scary and unsure time in everyone’s life it has been wonderful to see our community and a business like ours pull together and support each other.

— Cheyenne Langley, Sales Manager & Alia Rossi, General Manager at the Majestic Inn & Spa

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