Storvik Park – Release the Kid Energy

Pop the cork on pent up kid energy!Explore Storvik Park, in Anacortes Washington

Locals might be hesitant to name the location of their favorite fishing hole, but they’ll gladly share Anacortes’s family friendly jewel Storvik Park.

Storvik is located only a block off Commercial Avenue on 32nd Street. It boasts nine acres of grass, trees, ball fields, horseshoe pits, a walking track. Most noteworthy is a fantasy-filled, community built playground in the northeast corner. There are also two basketball courts, picnic area and plenty of parking. If you’d like to reserve the covered picnic area, call 293-1918 for availability.

Local schoolchildren participated in its design. The imaginative blend of exercise and creativity was dubbed “Our Town, Our Park”

True to the city’s maritime heritage, the plan incorporates suspended bridges, boats and ferries. In addition, there are castle towers to climb, swings, slides and even a stage for budding performers.

A safe and happy place, the playground is served by a single entrance/exit. Also, it’s segmented for different age levels and affords adults visual contact with their children throughout.

The expansive facility was built by hundreds of volunteers who let loose their imaginations and rolled up their sleeves. Funding also came from a partnership of local businesses, service organizations and the City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department.

For those beyond the playground stage, there’s plenty of room to throw a Frisbee, fly a kite, or spread out a picnic. For walkers, a paved track winds around the park perimeter.

Anacortes Storvik ParkBrand New Developments

Storvik Park has a new project that was just recently unveiled – a “Marine Adventure” spray pad. It provides a range of fun and interactive elements in a form that are rather unique to our seacoast community. Many of the spray elements feature native coastal animals like seals, sea stars, and also sea gulls. Water arcs run through the system with low flow, computer controlled nozzles to maximize the play and minimize water usage. The project was completed in June 2017. To learn more, and to donate to the project, visit the Anacortes Parks Foundation Website here.

Originally written September 5th, 2011 – updated August 2017

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