Deception Pass

Deception Pass State Park: Connecting the natural beauty of Fidalgo and Whidbey islands.

Deception Pass Bridge PedestriansThe entrance to Deception Pass State Park is conveniently located a short 10 miles and 20 minutes from downtown Anacortes.  A 4,134-acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline, Deception Pass State Park offers 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. While there are several routes leading visitors to one of the most visited parks in our nation, the two most popular routes from downtown Anacortes are either by way of State Highway 20 (follow signs out of Anacortes along Hwy 20 to Oak Harbor), or if you prefer a more scenic route, begin your expedition at the junction of 12th Street and D Avenue.

Local’s Recommendation:
For an “off the beaten path” tour of Fidalgo Island begin your journey at 12th Street and D Avenue.  D Avenue transitions to Havekost Road eventually becoming Rosario Road. This scenic coastal drive winds along the west side of rural Fidalgo Island, reconnecting with Hwy 20 at Rosario Beach Park and Pass Lake. Regardless of your chosen route, you’ll soon discover that the passage to Deception Pass State Park is shared by the adventure of getting there!

Rosario Beach:
This lesser known section of Deception Pass State Park on Fidalgo Island features picnic and barbecue areas, boat and kayak launches, a picturesque boardwalk, diving and swimming areas, and breathtaking views from both Rosario and Sharpe Coves. Plan to spend time exploring the surrounding underwater sanctuary. There you will be amazed by the abundant marine life of these shallow waters.

Deception Pass BridgeDeception Pass Bridge:
Celebrating its 80-year history in 2015, Deception Pass Bridge is one of the state’s most photographed sites.  Dedicated on July 31, 1935, this arched steel structure spans between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. Twenty-eight feet wide, Deception Pass Bridge connects the north and south ends of Deception Pass State Park, providing access to both motorists and pedestrians. Viewed from either the shoreline below or from atop the bridge’s open sidewalks, visitors enjoy grand views of the Pacific coastal shoreline.  Park your car, motorcycle or bicycle in the designated areas on the North or South sides of the bridge. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (1982), Deception Pass Bridge provides pictorial views of the turbulent waters below, churning tidal flows into waves, pulling the rushing ocean in from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Olympic mountain range to the east and Mount Baker to the northwest, are all part of the complimentary visual majesty of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Deception Pass State Park:
Miles of scenic shoreline, quiet trails through groves of ancient trees, and abundant wildlife makes this state park a rewarding destination for people of all ages and interests. The Deception Pass Bridge is a National Scenic Monument, and is one of the most photographed places in Washington State. Plan a full day of walking, picnicking, and beach-combing and if times permits, schedule a jet boat or guided kayak tour while you’re there!  While Deception Pass State Park offers camping and RV accommodations, two privately operated RV Parks are also located nearby. Click here for a calendar of events in the park!

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AdventureTerra - on Fidalgo IslandWashington State native Leo Fischer and his team are committed to sharing their passion for rock and tree climbing with clients of all ages and experience levels. Recreational tree climbing, also known as canopy climbing, represents a chance to become part of a very elite population of outdoor enthusiasts. Drawing from years of experience, AdventureTerra extends its invitation to clients as young as seven (minors require consent form), with no climbing experience necessary.

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AdventureTerra’s rock climbing adventures are offered primarily at nearby Mt. Erie on Fidalgo Island. Again, adventures are designed according to the abilities of the client and all required equipment is provided. The climbing opportunities are seasonal. Visit their website for more information.

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