Optimizing your Facebook Page for the best Organic Reach

Facebook’s organic reach (the number of people you can reach without paid advertising) is steadily declining. There are two major reasons for this: 1) More content is being published than there is news feed space for it to be shown. There are more than 30 billion pieces of content being published every month. 2) Facebook provides only the most relevant content to each user. To increase engagement and optimize user experience, the content shown is tailored to each user’s individual interests.

Did you know there are more than 253 million people that use Facebook in the United States and Canada alone? And, that 77% of those users are active daily? How about the fact that there are more than 90 million active small business pages? Don’t let those numbers overwhelm you – let’s walk through a few things you can do to maximize your reach and get your brand out there.

Head to the settings tab on your Facebook page and under General – I suggest making sure you are utilizing the options highlighted below:

Visitor Posts

Make sure visitors can post to your page – you want to capture their excitement in a place others can see it. Please note: I typically check the box that lets me review the posts before people can see them – just in case it doesn’t align with our brand or has language that doesn’t fit with our community standard promise.

Post and Story Sharing

Allowing people to share your posts and stories is critical to increasing your organic reach. Be sure to select Allow people to share your Page’s posts and events and Allow people to share your Page’s story.

Tagging Ability

By allowing others to tag photos and videos published by your page it will increase the number of profiles your content is featured on. For example, when the chamber hosts the Waterfront Festival, we’ll tag the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, Experience Anacortes, and the Waterfront Festival pages in the events and posts. For smaller events like our chamber luncheon we post photos afterward and encourage attendees to tag themselves and friends which increases the audience leads to higher performance on the posts.

Others Tagging this Page

You’ll want to make sure to Allow people and other Pages to tag Anacortes Chamber of Commerce (It will say your page name) and Allow Facebook stories shared from Instagram to tag my Page. These settings will allow for others to tag your page in posts and stories on both Facebook and Instagram which will increase your exposure across social media platforms.

Similar Page Suggestions

This is a good tool to have enabled. After a viewer likes a page similar to yours they’ll see a pop of that states “Since you like this – take a look at these similar pages” and your page could be listed in a group of 5 similar businesses.

Translate Automatically

I recommend having this setting active – being a tourist destination we see an influx of travelers and if English is their second language, they will appreciate you taking this extra step and making them feel welcome to view your content.

– Christy Lyman, Tourism Director at the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce

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