Business Spotlight: Nonna Luisa

Nonna Luisa recently had their one-year anniversary on August 1st! Nonna Luisa is a family-owned restaurant by Nicholas Calise and his father, Raffi Calise.

Raffi and Nick serve truly authentic Italian cuisine. Raffi was born on an island off Naples, Italy called Ischia (if you Google it the photos are stunning!). Nick was born in Seattle, WA but he flies back to Italy almost every summer.

Nick moved here seven years ago from Seattle and loved the town of Anacortes. He says he loved the beauty and was ready to get out of the city. His family has many farmers and fishermen and he wanted to be in the restaurant business. It just felt like the right time to open one of his own.

Raffi then flew here from Italy to help Nick open the restaurant. Many of the chefs in the restaurant are also from Italy.

The family is so welcoming, and they have done an incredible job of creating that irresistible Italian hospitality in the restaurant. They also have a very friendly and knowledgeable wait staff that offers great service.

Some of their most popular homemade pasta dishes include their Rigatoni Sausage and Peppers, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and Fettuccine Al Pesto. They also have daily specials and many seafood dishes.

Nick’s personal favorite is their Gnocchi Sorrentina Al Forno. They also have decadent desserts such as the pistachio cheesecake, cannolis, and tiramisu. On occasion, they will specially make panna cotta and napoleon.

Nick said to me, “Please mention in the article that we would like to give a big thank you to all of our customers and the town of Anacortes!”

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