Honoring Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell has left us.   

As I sit here on the day of Bill’s passing, I think of the many projects he has undertaken, and his plans for the future.  Things done, and left undone.

I was blessed to be one of the many people in this community with whom Bill would share his ideas and hopes to continually make Anacortes a great place to live and experience as a guest.    

For the past few years he was focusing on Bobo the Gorilla, and envisioned Bobo jumping from one building to the next.  We have a Bobo on the Visitor Information Center – he’s headed north up Commercial, my understanding is that there are more Bobos in his garage, ready to be mounted on a building.

Bill was lately focusing on “Art in the Alleys” – an area that I want to move forward with and champion.  It may just start with one or two alleys for this summer, but I think any movement on this would honor Bill and his vision.

When I spoke to Bill last in late January, he was reminding me that the 35th anniversary of the mural project is this May 2.  We were to speak again about how to celebrate that day; I will leave it to his family to plan the way they want to celebrate his life, but I believe it is for all of us to celebrate his greatest public art undertaking.

I will miss Bill and his cart, the twinkle in his eye, the laughter ever present.  I will miss what some would think were grandiose or odd idas, but to him they were all doable. And so he did them. Most of them. Some are left undone, but are still doable…

Let’s all think about the best way to honor Anacortes’ greatest lover. Let’s finish the work together, as that is the only appropriate way to love him back..  

It’s doable. Let’s get it done.

Stephanie Hamilton, Chamber President/CEO

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