Bare Boat Charters on the Island

Anacortes Bare Boat ChartersIncreasingly popular bare-boat charters (no crew, provisions, or technical services provided) arrange for you to rent from the boat’s owner anything from a simple sloop to luxury yacht, with all the comforts of home-and then some! Just pack your own provisions, expertise and sense of adventure. And don’t forget the crab trap (license required), fishing gear, and camera. No need to own your own boat to make this dream come true!  Anyone with adequate sail or motor credentials can skipper his or her own ship right out of Anacortes.

Anacortes is the ideal launch point for a boating adventure. The island is home to one of the largest bare-boat charter fleets in the Northwest. Local charter companies act as a nautical dating service, using their experience and networking skills to match your budget and destination imagination with the perfect boat. For a standard minimum trip of three or four nights, enjoy some of the most beautiful places on earth. Drop anchor in a secluded San Juan Island cove within an hour of leaving, or push on to British Columbia or even Alaska.

The inland waterways between the mainland and Vancouver Island are recognized worldwide as a boater’s paradise, with line-of-sight cruising and incomparable sea life. Savor the thrill, intimacy, and contentment of wind on your face and the inspiring beauty of islands and coast in every direction-your only visitors? Bald eagles, orcas (killer whales), migratory birds, and bow-riding porpoises. Chart a course for the B.C.’s Gulf Islands, protected by Vancouver Island from Pacific Ocean swells. Sail on to Desolation Sound and the fjord-like reaches of Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls. There you can gather clams and oysters along the shoreline, swim in warm thermal currents, and bask in stunning sunsets.

Anacortes Boat Charters out on the WaterMany who sign up for bare-boat charters are experienced boaters. But for those who want to learn or refresh their skippering skills before shoving off, there are on-the-water training options. An interview with a charter business staff member will help you decide on your best, and safest, option. If you simply want to leave the driving to someone else, consider hiring a boat and crew.

However you choose to take to the sea, make it memorable. Cruising the San Juan’s and Inside Passage are a bucket list check-off you’ll never forget.  Shop your yacht, chart a course, and get in touch with an Anacortes bare-boat charter expert today.

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