Business Spotlight: Highliner Charters

In 2007 my wife, Pattie, and I purchased Highliner Charters from the Kidder Family after Steve Kidder passed away. We set out to lift the business to even higher levels of success than Steve had achieved over the years. From the outset, we endeavored to keep a long-term view of staying focused on the individual customer experience, regardless of the day-to-day ups and downs of running a small business. An owner can never forget that every person deserves their very best. This sounds pretty simple until you consider the fact that we are a “fishing charter,” and the very thing we are building our business on, our product if you will, can be difficult to deliver. It would be a lot easier if fish just jumped on the hook and stayed there each time our boat left the dock, but they don’t. If you understand fishing, you understand nothing is guaranteed.

We consider the customer experience from that first moment contact is made until they get back into their car at the marina. That experience usually starts with the internet in the form of our website and on-line reviews, and it usually ends there too. Customer reviews have become absolutely critical in this day and age. Never in the history of commerce has the power of one written sentence held such potential, be it positive or negative. Word-of-mouth used to be the driving force that brought customers to your door, but that was always perishable and subject to distortion. The written review, on the other hand, is permanent and in many ways more reliable as a decision-making tool in the hands of a potential customer. 

We want customers to easily find us on the web, enjoy browsing our website, read our reviews, and hopefully, be compelled to contact us. When they do, they will be greeted by my wife Pattie, who runs the office. At the marina folks will meet me or my other captains Rick Davis and Nick Tingstad. We run the boats and take customers fishing.

Salmon, halibut, or lingcod fishing is our shared passion. If we weren’t taking our customers fishing, we’d be out fishing anyway cause that’s the kind of fanatics we are. It’s never enough. Fishing is who we are, what we do, what we talk about, and what we dream about. If you think I’m making this up, go online and read what our customers have to say. Authenticity sells, and that is what folks sense when they are on the boat with us. We are a group of real, passionate, obsessed, and authentic dudes, and it shows. We are also a bunch of nice guys. While we can’t guarantee you will land that Big One, you will be greeted with a smile and spend the day with a good guy who is highly experienced and darn good at what he does… finding fish!

-Brett and Patti Rosson, Owners of Highliner Charters

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