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Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Platform

Anacortes Chamber of CommerceActing as a strong advocate for our business community is a core function of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce. Our Governmental Affairs (GA) Division leads all of the Chamber’s business advocacy efforts at the local, county, regional, state, and federal levels. The Chamber multiplies the voice of its 500+  members even further by joining with other business advocacy organizations to propose, advocate on behalf of and support government policies and procedures that enhance the business community and allow it to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

In order to ensure Anacortes remains the most livable, vibrant waterfront community, government officials must understand the value added by a healthy business community, and must understand what the Anacortes business community needs in order to be successful. The following points represent the essential government affairs platform positions, which the chamber advocates for on behalf of our membership:

Waterfront: Better utilization of the Anacortes waterfront is paramount to the success of our community in the decades to come. The goal of government should be to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the business/developer and the community, which enables our waterfront properties to provide improved economic output and enhanced public access.

Ferries/Infrastructure: Maintaining and developing infrastructure is essential to the success of the Anacortes business community. The Washington State Ferry System, with its Anacortes Terminal, can afford no more reductions, including any reductions to the international ferry runs. All options must be explored to maintain credible ferry service as it is essential to the continued viability of our island community.

Economic Development: As an island community, planning for future growth and successfully recruiting new business is essential to the long-term success of our community. Government must invest adequate resources that originate from businesses taxes, in support of economic development, a prepared workforce and business recruitment to Anacortes.

Government Efficiency: Businesses need a more predictable, simple and fair tax and regulatory environment to survive and thrive. Government must better understand the challenges and burdens they consistently place on the business owner. Heavy regulation, complex tax code and duplicitous government agency oversight hinders business growth.

created February 2012

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