Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Anacortes

Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Anacortes

EV Charging Station at Walgreen’s

Anacortes has an easy-to-access electric charging station available now at Walgreen’s, located at 909 17th Street.

The Anacortes Walgreens [has gotten] … well, a bit greener.  One of Fidalgo Island’s first electric vehicle charging stations was installed at the store Friday. The ChargePro, manufactured by SemaConnect, is right in front and available 24 hours a day. It’s available to anyone with an electric vehicle, customer or not. “It’s the right thing to do,” said Walgreens manager Nick Chahley. “It’s like community service.” 

The charging station was privately funded by Walgreens and will be operated by the store and an independent charging stations provider, Chahley said. Drivers can get 25 miles of range on one hour of charge at the Level 2 charger. The cost is about $4 for a half-hour. Users just swipe their card and plug in. (by Joan Pringle)

Island Hospital is now another place that you can stop by to charge your electric vehicle!

Re-Charging Station at Island Hospital

Re-Charging Station at Island Hospital

The two charging stations at Island Hospital can be accessed via 26th Street:
1. Behind the Island Hospital Medical Office building. (the building is located at 2511 M Avenue, so you only get to the building’s rear from its parking lot from 26th.)
2. In the parking area south of 26th Street: turn south just west of Fidalgo Care Center, station is located about 100 feet from the street.

There are currently two charging Stations installed, with one more on the way. They are all single car charging stations and can be used by 80-90% of current electric vehicles. Each station is equipped with a SAE 1772 North American Standard Plug. In order to use the stations, you will need to open an account with SemaConnect and receive a charging card. You’ll also have the option to call the 800 number displayed on the screen and use a credit card to charge. The cost to charge is by the hour, and is currently $1.70 per hour.

The decision was made by Island Hospital to do their part to help reduce emissions and to provide a service, not only to their employees and patients, but to vising guests and the community as a whole. When you drive up, don’t be surprised to see at least one of the charging stations being used by hospital staff!

These stations can charge all new-generation electric and plug-in hybrid cars such as Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit Electric and more.

Anacortes is part of the Cascade Loop’s Scenic Byway – click here for a complete list of charging stations that can be found along the 440-mile loop.

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