Organizing by Kari - Professional Organizer

With over 27 years assisting people with downsizing, clearing clutter and transforming their personal spaces, Kari supports clients in person and virtually.
“I became a Professional Organizer in the mid 90’s after several friends commented on how organized they found me to be and requested I help them with their personal clutter. What turned into a favor became a profession. I have a natural knack for taking in a space, seeing what needs to be done to transform the energy, then relieve it of its extra burdens”. Trained as a Business and Well Being Coach, Kari’s skills are tuned to listen to clients’ individual needs and work with them to address their personal, specific concerns through innovative solutions and actions in a non-judgmental and supportive way. She believes that when you clear your clutter, you transform your life – the ability to move past obstacles and to receive newly is your reward.

Flexible hours of operation are available.


Anacortes, WA 98221