Business Spotlight: Bob’s Chowder Bar & BBQ Salmon

If you haven’t been to Bob’s lately you haven’t been to Bob’s.  

Bob’s Chowder Bar surely has sprouted from its farmer’s market roots. Once a tiny outpost on the south end of Commercial Ave., Bob’s has grown and transformed to Anacortes’s original, iconic seafood restaurant.

True to their roots, Bob’s owners bring the best of their east and west coast seafood experiences. Bob brings to the table extensive knowledge of the best of the west coast fisheries. He chooses only the best salmon, oysters, and cod to create the signature Bob’s flavors. Barbara happily introduces her customers to east coast and southern favorites such as soft shell crabs, jambalaya along with shrimp and grits.

For the past year, the remodeling of Bob’s Chowder Bar has been underway. The transition has moved from a quick-serve to a full-service dining experience. Bob’s Chowder Bar has added 4 big-screen televisions, a bar, and new seating.  Making these changes provides customers the space to gather, watch a game with the family or relax with friends, and enjoy wonderful seafood.  The great reveal was to be just in April but the COVID Crisis forced a change in plans.  

Ensuring food and health safety has been a top priority for Barbara Atterberry, co-owner of Bob’s Chowder Bar.  She holds both ServSafe and FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food certifications. When the COVID crisis hit Barbara instituted preventive measures to protect her customers and her team. The Bob’s team has been fully trained on preventive measures; the goal is to keep everyone safe.

The COVID crisis prompted the Bob’s team to rethink the Bob’s space.  With that fresh perspective, the “Garden” section has been added to the dining area.  Bob’s new garden area is filled with outdoor seating and the warm rays of the afternoon sun. It’s the perfect place to wind down, enjoy the best of Bob’s with your pooch, friends, and family.

Staying true to local roots, Bob’s has seven taps featuring local breweries.  The taps rotate giving new brews the spotlight. One tap is dedicated to local ciders and the fresh tastes that move with the seasons.

For 2 people that vowed on their wedding night, 25 years ago this July, that they would never own a restaurant they clearly do own a restaurant.  Not just as owners, but in ownership. Clearly, secretly that vow was just the opposite. They wanted a restaurant.  Bob and Barbara wanted a place for people to gather, a place to feed people, a place to watch their community grow.  They have created that space in Bob’s Chowder Bar. And so, I close with, if you haven’t been to Bob’s lately you haven’t been to Bob’s.

-Bob and Barbara Atterberry, Owners of Bob’s Chowder Bar & Salmon BBQ

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