Buoy Anacortes Restaurants

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on us as all, but one of thing we can still do is enjoy great food from our local restaurants. If you have a craving for food from a restaurant – order it up – the restaurants below will be offering Curbside Delivery (CD), Home Delivery (D), Family Meals (F), and/or meals To-Go (T).

Post pictures of you, friends, and family supporting our local restaurants using the hashtag #BuoyAnacortes for a chance to win a prize and we’ll feature you on our social media.

We did our best to reach every restaurant; if you are open and not listed or your status has changed since publication let us know. We’ll continue to update as new information comes in.

Thank you to our *Chamber Members for making this list possible.

Cover photo by Rakan AlDuaij Photography.

*Adrift (CD) (T)
11am to 8pm
(360) 588-0653

Agave Taqueria (T) (D)
11am to 9pm
(360) 588-1288

A’Town Bistro Family Supper Club
Pick-up Thurs-Sat 4pm or delivery 5pm to 6pm
(360) 899-4001

Bamboo Bistro (CD) (T)
11am to 7:30pm
(360) 755-6940

*Bastion Brewery (CD) (T) (*D to Refinery)
Revised take out menu online
12pm to 8pm
(360) 399-1614

*Bob’s Chowder (CD) (D) (F) (T)
11am to 7pm
(360) 299-8000

*Brown Lantern (T)
11am to 7pm
(360) 293-2544

Ciao Bella (CD) (T)
4pm to 8pm
(360) 873-8288

*Coconut Kenny’s (CD) (T)
11am to 9pm
(360) 899-4438

*Dad’s Diner (CD) (D)
Online orders, Wed-Sun 8am to 3pm
(360) 899-5269

Deception Pass Tours (T)
Drive-Thru Ice Cream
12pm to 6pm
(888) 909-8687

Dockside Dogs (T)
Mon-Sat 11am to 5pm

El Jinete (CD) (T)
Tues-Sun 12pm to 8pm
(360) 293-2631

Farmhouse (CD) (T)
(360) 466-4411

Fidalgo Drive In (T)
(360) 293-3442

*Frida’s Gourmet Mexican Restaurant (CD) (D) (T)
Delivery 5-8PM, for meals $30+ and within 5 miles
12pm to 8pm
(360) 299-2120

Greek Islands (D) (T)
11am to 8pm
(360) 293-6911

Happy Wok (CD) (T)
10:30am to 9pm
(360) 293-0300

Harbin Dumplings (T)
11am to 4pm

Hong Kong Garden (T)
11am to 8pm
(360) 293-9595

Island Café (CD) (T)
8am to 8pm
(360) 588-8518

*Jimmy John’s (D) (T)
11am to 10pm
(360) 299-1020

Johnny Picasso’s (CD) (T)
Mon-Sat 9am to 3pm
(360) 299-2755

*Little Caesars (D) (T)
Delivery only for online and app orders
10:30am to 9:30pm
(360) 899-5844

Lopez Island Creamery (T)
11am to 4pm
(360) 299-8200

Lucky Chopsticks (T)
3pm to 8pm
(360) 588-8899

MaMa Wing Kitchen, (CD) (T)
Tues-Sun, 11am to 8pm
(360) 299-9828

McDonalds (T)
7am to 10pm
(360) 293-7807

Naung Mai Thai Kitchen (CD) (D) (T)
Mon-Sat 11am to 8:30pm, Sun 12 to 8:30pm
Delivery only from 4pm to 8:30pm
(360) 588-1183

*Nonna Luisa (CD) (D) (T)
4:30pm to 8pm
(360) 899-4659

*Papa Murphy’s (CD) (T)
Online Orders 11am to 8pm
(360) 299-2299

Pear Thai Cuisine (CD) (T)
4:30pm to 9pm
(360) 293-4004

Pizza Factory (CD) (D) (T)
Sun-Thurs 11am to 8pm & Fri-Sat 11am to 8pm
(360) 293-1000

Real Tequila (CD) (T)
11am to 8:30pm
(360) 299-1060

*Rockfish Grill (CD) (T)
11:30am to 7:30pm
(360) 588-1720 (360) 298-5137

*San Juan Lanes Bar & Grill
Mon-Thurs 7am to 10pm
Fri-Sat 7am to 11pm
Sun 7am to 10pm
(360) 293-5185

*Shrimp Shack (T)
11am to 7pm
(360) 293-2531

Skagit River Bakery (T)
Wed and Fri, 11am to 4pm
(360) 336-3900

Strawberry Bay Coffee & Roasting (T)
5am to 5pm
(360) 293-2158

Subway (CD) (T)
9:30am to 7:30pm
(360) 293-0461

Teriyaki Time (CD) (T)
11am to 9pm
(360) 588-8025

*The Store (CD) (T)
7am to 2pm
(360) 293-2851

*Union Tavern (CD) (D) (T)
11am to 7pm
(360) 873-8245

Vagabond Station (CD) (D) (T)
11am to 8pm
(360) 421-4227

*Village Pizza (CD) (D) (T)
11am to 7pm
(360) 293-7847

*Vivi’s Kitchen (F) (T)
9am to 8pm
(360) 202-8501

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