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2018 Participating Breweries

192 Brewing Company

192 Brewing Company – New for 2018!

FURIOUS GOAT (Oktoberfest) – A Dusseldorf Alt style, with deep, toasty malt flavors, brewed to Oktoberfest strength for cooler nights ahead. ABV: 6% / IBU 28

‘NILLA STOUT (Sweet Stout) – Smooth body, toasty & malty, with blends of old world hops, semi-sweet chocolate throughout, subtle vanilla everywhere. ABV: 5% / IBU 29

7 Seas Brewing Company

7 Seas Brewing Company

7 Seas Brewing Company – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and back for 2018!

BOOBY TRAPS (Cascadian Dark Ale) – A truly Northwest original, Cascadian Dark Ale is surprisingly light on the pallet, yet velvety smooth. Dark as a Cascadian winter, generously layered with piney hops, and a hint of roasted malts for a lingering, flavorful finish. Like the divergent landscapes of its’ Pacific Northwest roots, this ale offers both power and finesses, audacity and subtlety. ABV: 7.0% / IBU 65

RUDE PARROT (Single IPA) – Loud, sassy, and relentless, the Rude Parrot has an insatiable appetite for hops! Brewed with Vienna, light Crystal, and a touch of Honey malt, this golden hued IPA is aggressively hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops. A big juicy, tropical fruit, citrusy hop aroma yields way to an off dry, pleasantly bitter finish. ABV: 5.9% / IBU 75

Anacortes Brewery

Anacortes Brewery

Anacortes Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

ANACORTES PUMPKIN ALE – Our 2018 Pumpkin Ale is brewed with biscuit and honey malts along with cinnamon and allspice. Local Skagit Valley grown pumpkin is then roasted in a wood fired oven and added to the bright tank to capture the flavors of Fall.ABV 6.2% / IBU 30

OKTOBERFEST – Malty and full bodied, this savory beer celebrates the traditional Bavarian festival. Delicately hopped and lagered for 6 weeks in our authentic cold storage cellar. ABV 6.4% / IBU 30

FRESH HOP PALE ALE – This highly anticipated seasonal is made with 2 row and Vienna malts for a dark straw color and features major hop flavor and aroma from copious amounts of fresh leaf hop delivered directly from eastern Washington. OG 1.054 / IBU 50

BROADSWORD SCOTTISH ALE – Black Patent, Caramel, Chocolate, Munich & Peat smoked malts produce dark color, malty flavor and subtle smokiness in this robust Scottish Ale. Perle, Cascade & Mt Hood provide a balanced bitterness. OG 1.090 / ABV 8.3% / IBU 35


At Large Brewing

At Large Brewing – New for 2018!

I’D TAP THAT (Blonde) – This is a brewery favorite, due to it’s drink-ability. Low malt notes with a crisp toasted finish. Cascade and Centennial hops complement this beer. ABV 4.8% / IBU 21

HARBOR HAZE (NE IPA) – Brewed for our friends at Bar Harbor in Seattle. This beer is to celebrate their official back deck opening, for the season. A hazy NE IPA with Citra, Mosaic & Azacca. ABV: 7.2%

Bastion Brewing Co.

Bastion Brewing Co.

Bastion Brewing Co. – poured 2017, and back for 2018!

ANTWERP TO A-TOWN (Belgian Red Ale) – This nearly unknown style of Belgian abbey ale is brewed with local Skagit grown Talisman malt as well as Belgian aromatic and abbey malts. A light dose of french Triskel and Aramis hops help create a very balanced and incredibly drinkable libation fit for brothers of the cloth and their secular friends. 8.8% ABV IBU 27

AZACCA (Fresh Hop) – A few moons back our brewers were lucky enough to enjoy a beer with Jr. Gomez, the head dude and hop breeder at Green Acres Farm in Wapato, WA. Azacca, named after the “god” of agriculture and bred by Jr. himself makes this an extra special beer only available this time of year. 6% ABV IBU-???

JUST CAUSE THE DOG HAS HER PUPPIES IN THE OVEN DOESN’T MAKE THEM MUFFINS (New England Pale Ale) – Ohhhh my gawwwwd this is a f@#$%ng delicious juice bomb. This round of our New England series features Amarillo, Simcoe and Galaxy If you were down with the cat it’s time to get down with the dog. 5.25% ABV IBU-Just Enough

Boundary Bay Brewing Company

Boundary Bay Brewery

Boundary Bay Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

HARVEST RYE – As summer fades this crisp, rye boogie helps prepare for the rapid arrival of autumn. Local specialty grains from Skagit Valley produce a complex, medium-bodied ale with beautiful, creamy off-white head. The enticing bright-copper Harvest Rye brings aromas and flavors of toasty caramel, earthy, pear and orchard fruitiness to complement the forthright rye spice. MALTS: Alba (Pale), Triton, and Vienna from Skagit Valley Malting, + Honey Malt, Abbey, Dextrin, Chocolate, Flaked Rye and hulls. HOPS: Perle, Fuggle and Cascade. 15°P OG // 7.2% ABV // 45 IBU

SCOTCH ALE – Our Scotch Ale became a Northwest classic with the inaugural brew in 1995. The Long Boil in the kettle caramelizes the wort, producing deep-copper tones. Scotch Ale’s signature malt character is crafted for pure enjoyment. Malts: 2-Row Pale, Munich, Carastan, Crystal, Chocolate, Roast, Wheat. Hops: Perle, Cascade, Mt. Hood. 15.6°P OG | 31 IBU | 5% ABV

Cardinal Craft Brewing

Cardinal Craft Brewing

Cardinal Craft Brewing – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

DOUBLE IPA – A hop show case! This strong IPA starts with a backbone of SVM Copeland Pale & Dark malts, Warrior and Centennial hops with lemon peel in the boil then dry-hopped with double Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Huge hoppy highs & deep malty depths! BV: 8.7%

OKTOBERFEST – Toasty Skagit Valley Malting Copeland Pale & Light Munich malts are the foundation for this festive colored brew. Medium to full bodied and lightly hopped – perfect for the brisk fall season. Prost! ABV 6.5%

Chuckanut Brewery

Chuckanut Brewery

Chuckanut Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018! (Saturday Only)

FEST BIER – Our Chuckanut Fest Bier emphasizes the use of Vienna malts for a smooth, quaffable fest beer light in color as currently brewed for Oktoberfest in Germany. The aroma and flavor are lightly sweet with a hint of Noble hops. This medium bodied beer finishes crisp & smooth! ABV: 5.5% / IBU 22

NEW WORLD GERMAN ALE – This moderate strength Pale Ale is made unique by the use of new varietal German hops. Polaris is added for bittering while late additions of Hallertau Blanc and Hull Melon hops give this ale notes of white grape, melon and berries. New World German Ale has just the right amount of hop bitterness not to over power the senses but to end your taste buds on a slight bitter note. ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 40

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

TROPTASTIC IPA- With a dry-hop haze and silky bodied, this IPA is bursting with juicy flavors of mango, pineapple, and pear thanks to the generous Mosaic dry-hop. 6.2% ABV 60 IBUs

FOG BANK FALL ALE – This Märzen inspired ale pours golden amber with a complex malty body, toasty caramel notes, and surprisingly crisp finish. 5.6% ABV, 25 IBUs

Farmstrong Brewing Company

Farmstrong Brewing Company

Farmstrong Brewing Company – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

STACKIN HAY (IPA) – This IPA has a dank, inviting nose and clean malt backbone. Stackin’ Hay doesn’t shy away from its classic Northwest assertive bittering yet finishes crisp and dry. Hop flavors provide notes of grass, pine, grapefruit rind and spruce needles. ABV: 6.8% / IBU 66

MT BAKER BLACK LAGER – This porter look-alike is actually a Shwarzbier. A lager that has all the color but none of the roast character. A toffee, pumpernickel and coffee scent greet your nose while rich chocolate and freshly baked bread hits your palate. ABV: 5% / IBU 25

Flyers Restaurant & Brewing

Flyers Restaurant & Brewery

Flyers Restaurant & Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

PROPTOBERFEST – Our take on the classic Fall Oktoberfest style. Slightly malty with a clean lager character and smooth finish. Copper orange in color with an off- white head. Proptoberfest is brewed with a nontraditional spin using a California Common Lager yeast strain. September release and when it’s gone it’s gone! ABV: 6%

PACEMAKER PORTER – A Robust Porter in style, this dark full- bodied ale has hints of roasted malt in the nose with flavors of coffee and bittersweet chocolate on the palate. One of our most decorated beers including wins at the GABF in ’06 and ‘08. ABV: 5.5%

Fremont Brewing Company

Fremont Brewing Company

Fremont Brewing Company – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

LUSH (IPA) – We bring this tropical treat to you as a gift from the Pacific Northwest. Lush is brewed with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava … Because Beer Matters! ABV: 7.0% / IBU 80

MOD POD (IPA) – Mod Pod IPA has notes of tropical fruit and tangerine with an echo of malt sweetness and honors our three pods of Southern Resident Orca whales living full-time in the Puget Sound, the J, K, and L Pods. Currently numbering 78 whales, our whales are a treasure worthy of reflection and thought. ABV: 7.0% / IBU 60

Georgetown Brewing Co

Georgetown Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewing Company – New for 2018!

9 LB PORTER – Brewed for our friends at the 9 Pound Hammer here in Georgetown, this is an exceptionally flavorful medium bodied porter. We use tons of Chocolate, Munich and Roasted Malt, then blend it with Centennial, Summit and Chinook hops to create what we like to call Roasted Chocolaty Goodness. ABV: 6.4%

BODHIZAFA (IPA) – This IPA gets its light silky feature from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious. Gold medal winner in the American Style IPA category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016! ABV: 6.9% / IBU 80

Ghostfish Brewing

Ghostfish Brewing Company

Ghostfish Brewing Company – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

PEAK BUSTER (Double IPA) – Part of our rotating double IPA series, this beer is unmistakably ambitious, yet deceptively drinkable for its high IBUs and ABV! (Additional tasting notes to be available day of event). ABV: 9.0% / IBU 100+

DARK SOUR ALE – A dark red sour ale brewed with brown rice, millet, buckwheat, and quinoa and hopped with Cascade hops featuring nice, roasty/caramel flavors underpinning the sourness. ABV 5.5% / IBU 5

Gig Harbor Brewing

Gig Harbor Brewing

Gig Harbor Brewing – new for 2018!

BLOOD ORANGE BLONDE – Classic American-style blonde ale bursting with blood orange flavor and aroma. This light ale coupled with the tart sweet taste of blood orange makes it a favorite in both of Gig Harbor Brewing’s taprooms.ABV: 5% • SRM: 4 • IBU: 19
 Hops: Galena and Saaz

HAZY HARBOR IPA – This unfiltered West-Coast IPA is purposely hazy or cloudy, which provides a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. With little to no hop bitterness at the end utilizing hops that impart a tropical, juicy sweetness rather than the classic bitter after taste. ABV: 6% • IBU: 25. Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Bravo, Golding

RACING ROOSTER RED ALE – Deep red-colored ale with a strong malt backbone. American hops balance out the sweetness creating a malt-forward, well-rounded beer. ABV: 6% • SRM: 19 • IBU: 24 Hops: Cascade and Northern Brewer

Hellbent Brewing Company

Hellbent Brewing Company

Hellbent Brewing Company – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

DANG! CITRA (IPA) – Packed with hop aroma, this IPA will smack your face with hoppiness. A mellow malt flavor sits quietly in the background and provides 6.6% ABV, yet the hops shine through. Citrus with a slightly peppery pine hop aroma. Unfiltered and unfined, cloudy and full-flavored. ABV: 6.6% / IBU 60

MOON TOWER STOUT – Our Moon Tower Stout is a nod to Dazed and Confused and the large light structures still upright in Austin, Texas. This stout is medium-bodied, dry, and smooth. With notes of mild roasted coffee and toasted caramel, this dark beer is perfect any time of year. ABV: 6.4 % IBU 28

Illuminati Brewing Company

Illuminati Brewing Company

Illuminati Brewing Company – poured 2017, and back for 2018!

MILLENNIUM FALCON (India Pale Ale) – Brewed with Galaxy, Millennium, and Falconer’s Flight hops. ABV 6/7 % / IBU 69

I AM THE WALRUS OKTOBERFEST LAGER (Oktoberfest Lager) – German Pilsner malt, Vienna malt, and Dark Munich malt, brewed with Hallertauer Mittlefrüh and Tettnanger hops. ABV 6.3% / IBU 25

Jellyfish Brewing Company

Jellyfish Brewing Company – New for 2018!

SMACK IPA (NW IPA) – A very balanced NW IPA with notes of peaches, dank pine and bright citrus.

CERVEZA DE LOS MUERTOS – Inspired by Pan de los Muertos (bread of the dead), this Strong Ale is infused with Mexican chocolate, orange peel and anise seed.

Kulshan Brewing Company

Kulshan Brewing Company

Kulshan Brewing Company – poured 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

HELIOTROPE IPA – This is a fruit forward IPA, with a focus on citrus and tropic fruits. You’ll notice a little berry with a pleasant pine finish that leaves a dry linger for more. It’s the IPA we’ve been missing in our lineup so come give it a try! ABV: 7% IBU: 74

RED CAP IRISH (Irish-Style Red Ale) – Red Cap is a beer that gets along with just about everyone. Easy to drink yet full of flavor, it showcases Munich Malt, Crystal Malt and Roasted Barley living in harmony with Willamette and Golding hops. Medium in body and creamy on the pallet, it lingers pleasantly and has a malty sweet finish. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 22

LaConner Brewing

LaConner Brewing Company

La Conner Brewery Company – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

NITRO MAESTRO – A vanilla bean infused Oatmeal Stout on nitro! This beer is filled with rich flavors of chocolate and espresso with a vanilla finish, all blanketed by the unique smoothness derived from flaked oats and nitrogen. ABV: 4.6% / IBU: 35

CITRA IPA – A light-bodied and zippy IPA built around the tropical fruit and grapefruit characteristics of the Citra Hop, complimented by the Mosaic hop for an added punch. This is a nice approachable IPA that has tons of hop flavor thanks to several whirlpool and dry hop additions without the monster hop bite. ABV: 6.1% / IBU 68

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!



Paradise Creek Brewery

Paradise Creek Brewery

Paradise Creek Brewery – New for 2018!

HUCKLEBERRY PUCKER (Berliner Weisse) – Our signature sour beer remains a treat all year round. Crisp and tart with a nice Huckleberry aroma. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked for life! ABV: 4.6% / IBU 3

HUMULONIMBUS HAZY (IPA) – Brewed to be Hazy with so many late addition hops that hop lovers can’t stay away from it. Finished with Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, and Falconers Flight. ABV: 7.1% / IBU 44

San Juan Island Brewing

San Juan Island Brewing Co

San Juan Island Brewing Co – poured 2017, and back for 2018!

LANE 4 (Vienna Lager) – Soft, smooth mouthful with slightly toasty malt character and dry finish. ABV 5.3% / IBU 20

OUTER ISLAND IPA (India Pale Ale) – Hop heavy aroma bursting with melon and apricot, followed by a palate-cleansing finish. ABV 6.5% / IBU 65

Skagit River Brewery

Skagit River Brewery

Skagit River Brewery – poured 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017, and back for 2018!


UNCLE BOB’S (British Brown Porter)

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery – New for 2018!

AXE MEN (Double Red) – Axe Men has a super silky body and is rich and malty. ABU 7.7% / IBU 20

HARVEST MOON (Fest Bier) – Harvest Moon is mellow, soft and smooth with Tettanger hops. ABU 5.3% / IBU 24

Stones Throw Brewing Co.

Stones Throw Brewing Co.  – New for 2018!

NEIGHBORHOOD (IPA) – Cascade, Chinook, Centennial Hops // 2-Row, White Wheat, Victory, and Munich Malt. The classic C-hops combination of Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial hops blend to craft a well-rounded Northwest favorite. Dry-hopped for a prominent floral and citrus aroma, the sturdy malt backbone goes well with its dry and bitter taste. Pouring with a nice, slightly-hazy orange body, we raise one to you – our neighborhood! 6.3% ABV, 80 IBU

TWO DOLLAH PORTER – Glacier, Cascade, Chinook, Northern Brewer Hops // 2-Row, Munich, Crystal 60, Chocolate, and Black Malt. Flavors of rich and lightly burnt black and chocolate grains are characters balanced between malty-sweetness and minimal hop flavors. This beer is substantially more technical than the mountain biking trail it is named after. Enjoy! 6.7% ABV, 20 IBU

Sumerian Brewing Company

Sumerian Brewing Co.

Sumerian Brewing Co. – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

SCOTCH ALE – Scotch Ales traditionally go through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. This produces a deep copper to brown colored beer. Our classic Scotch Ale is, malty, has rich caramel notes, with a light sweet finish. ABV: 7.0% / IBU 25

HOPRUPTION (Double IPA) – Multi-award winning Double IPA: 2016 Silver Winner at WA Beer Awards, Double Gold Winner in 2017 from SIP Magazine, and a 2018 Bronze Winner at WA Beer Awards. This beer is hop loaded from start to finish with a base of Cascade and Centennial. Then we double dry hop it with Mosaic and Citra which creates a rich mouthfeel and clean balance. ABV: 8.0% / IBU 95

Triplehorn Brewing Co

Triplehorn Brewing Co.

Triplehorn Brewing Co. – poured 2013, 2014, 2015, and back for 2018!

MOXEE HAZE (Imperial IPA) – This new England style fresh hop packs a punch! Fruity, Juicy aromas with a slight citrus kick that is complimented by the hazy. ABV: 9% / IBU: 63

OATSTANDING (Oatmeal Porter) – Light Cocoa and mild coffee notes. Very smooth biscuit oats. ABV:5.8% / IBU:32

Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company

Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company

Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company – New for 2018!

POE RIDGE (IPA) – The next best thing to being there. Poe Ridge IPA is an abundantly hopped, West Coast style IPA. Light malt sweetness, combined with fresh notes of citrus, pine, and spice make this an easy drinking IPA. ABV=6.7% IBU=66 | Malts: Two Row, Crystal 40 | Hops: Horizon, Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Mosaic | Yeast: California Ale

SHOCKER WHEAT – Keep it local. That’s the approach with this wheat ale. In addition to malted white wheat and two row barley, we threw in a healthy heap of unmalted white wheat from a burlap sack straight from Polson Farms. Named after the wheatshockers in Waterville, grab ahold of this light and crisp beer. There is nothing plain about it. ABV=4.6% IBU=24 | Malts: Two Row, White Wheat, Waterville Wheat | Hops: Perle | Yeast: American Hefeweizen

Whitewall Brewing Co

Whitewall Brewing Co.

Whitewall Brewing Co. – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

DIRT TRACK BROWN ALE – A Northwest style Brown Ale made with Rye malt, along with 2-row, chocolate, and crystal60 malts create a very nice malt forward beer. This is a great beer for the person that says they don’t like dark beers. This one is very approachable. Fuggles and Perle hops are used sparingly so that the malt can take center stage. 6.5% ABV / 28 IBU

LEARNING CURVE (IPA) – Our first beer on the new equipment. Beer turned out great, but we have a learning curve to climb. 6.5% ABV / 54 IBU

2018 Participating Cider Houses

2 Towns Ciderhouse

2 Towns Ciderhouse

2 Towns Ciderhouse – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

PACIFIC PINEAPPLE – Unfiltered Pineapple Cider. Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed Northwest apples. This refreshingly juicy and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale! ABV: 5%

BAD APPLE – Imperial Hard Cider. Big & Bold, The Bad Apple is made in an imperial style, fermented with local meadowfoam honey and aged on Oregon White Oak. Complex notes of apples and wood make this a Northwest favorite. ABV: 10.5%

Bellingham Cider Company

Bellingham Cider Company – New for 2018!

CHERRY VANILLA – Semi sweet Washington apples with the tart and refreshing essence of local cherries balanced by naturally smooth vanilla. 6.7% ABV

HOPPED APRICOT – Semi dry Washington apple blend with strong forward notes of Cascade and Citra hops balanced by fresh pressed apricot juice. 6.7% ABV

BLACKBERRY GINGER – Semi Sweet Washington Apple blend with NW Blackberries and a hint of ginger. 6.7% ABV


Elemental Hard Cider

Elemental Hard Cider – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

CALCIUM BLOOD ORANGE – Our “Calcium” Blood Orange Hard Cider is rich and semi-sweet on the palate and produces a tart finish that dances on the tongue. The acidity makes this an easy drinking cider that is refreshing and light year -round. ABV: 6.0%

APPLE COBBLER – Semi-Dry Cider infused with the flavors and spices of an apple cobbler. ABV: 6.0%

Herb's Cider

Herb’s Cider

Herb’s Cider – new for 2018!


TRIPLET (heirloom)

Locust Cider

Locust Cider

Locust Cider – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

Core Vanilla – Washington apples blended with real Madagascar Vanilla. Sweet & Smooth like a cream soda!

TBD Seasonal (still developing flavor)

NV Cider - Pear Up

Pear Up

Pear UP – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

WATERMELON PEAR Perry Cider – Let summer happen anytime. Enjoy juicy watermelon refreshingly blended with pure pear. Take time to Pear Up with warm weather and cold Perry.

PEAR ESSENTIALS Perry Cider – The name says it all. This solid blend provides all of the pear and no distractions. Purists invited.

Portland Cider Company

Portland Cider Company

Portland Cider Company – poured 2017, and back for 2018!

KINDA DRY (Modern Dry Cider) – Traditional English cider is dry, lightly carbonated, has very subtle apple flavors, and a lingering fresh finish. It is in the spirit of this traditional cider that we blend our Kinda Dry. We use fresh pressed juice from a blend of NW grown culinary apples such as Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Gala, and Golden Delicious, to then carefully ferment with a yeast that preserves their subtle characteristics. ABV: 6.5%

SANGRIA (Fruit Cider) – Blend our delicious cider with the juices of orange, strawberry, pear, passionfruit, elderberry, and lime, to get our Sangria cider. It’s your new favorite fruit punch, for grown-ups! ABV: 5.5%

Schilling Cider

Schilling Hard Cider

Schilling Hard Cider – poured 2015, 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

EXCELSIOR – Imperial Cider. High ABV crushable cider with heirloom bitter sharp apples from France and the UK. ABV: 8.5%

PASSPORT – Unfiltered Pineapple Passionfruit. An unfiltered full bodied, floral, fruit forward cider. ABV: 6.7%

Seattle Cider

Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company – poured 2016, 2017, and back for 2018!

DRY: One of the driest ciders on the market. The golden orange glow of this unique cider lends way to notes of lilac, blood orange and green apple on the nose. Dry and pleasantly acidic, flavors of nectarine, under ripe peach and tart cherry hit the palate with no residual sweetness.

BERRY ROSE: Crafted with locally grown raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, slightly tart at the start and softly sweet on the finish. This cider is both accessible and full-flavored.

PUMPKIN SPICE: This semi-sweet cider is copper in color and perfect for fall. Fermented with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, it offers hints of the season’s favorite spices followed by just a touch of pumpkin.

THREE PEPPER: Featuring an aroma of fresh, green jalapeños paired with a unique flavor profile, combining the taste of poblano, habanero and jalapeño peppers, this cider offers a kick followed by a subtly sweet finish.

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We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the breweries, volunteers, and vendors. However this festival would never be the same without you - the beer fan! After the festival winds down be sure to cruise through downtown and enjoy the tasty offerings from our local pubs and restaurants. You shouldn’t have a problem finding just the right spot to enjoy a well-deserved night cap.

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