Anacortes Art on the Block

Anacortes Art on the BlockOne of the newer sculptures in Anacortes, “How Much Longer” by Peregrine O’Gormley sets in front of How it Works and Northwest Image.

The viewing site was donated by owners, Chris Terrell and Mark Edson. O’Gormley describes the sculpture as, “Mother Earth bends over backwards to accommodate the ever increasing weight of humanity. In her grasp she holds the scorched Earth. Man’s left hand (which receives or takes), faces out from the surface. Will we continue to burn up what remains, or can we begin to reverse the cycle? How much longer can she sustain us?”

Anacortes Art on the Block

The art doesn’t stop there. Inside Northwest Image, a virtual art gallery, allows visitors to view exhibited art on site and in the comfort of their own home. The gallery focuses on Northwest artists and ranges in media form, like fine arts, photography, mixed media, theatre and music. The gallery offers a variety of ways art lovers can “take a piece of the story home with them.” The gallery can print art in a variety of ways, and frame and mount it, if so desired. During the summer months music in the outdoor patio can be heard right outside in The Heart of Anacortes. Terrell, an artist himself, has fostered many artistic relationships within the community and Northwest Image allows artists to showcase their craft and their skills.

“What is the heart of a town? The heart of a town is the people. Our vision is to bring people together through art and music. We want people to come, to make friends and understand what we are as a community.” This outdoor venue on 4th Street, complete with stage and concession area, is available for an infinite range of events.

“Seventeen years ago we started our business, How It Works,” said Chris Terrell. “Shortly after opening a production space a few blocks from here, we responded to an appeal from local musicians by building a stage for weekend performances. We opened the doors, let people in and listened to their ideas. Our history is one of constant growth, changes made to answer the desires of our clients and community.”

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